Magix 2



Colette Scrace from Surrey recently took delivery of the UK’s first NEW LIVE Magix 2 powerchair from Precision Rehab, one of the UK’s leading suppliers of bespoke powerchairs.

Colette, who works for the NHS as the Lead Nurse for Genomics in England has Rheumatoid and Osteo Arthritis which affects all her joints, resulting in her being able to stand or walk unaided for short periods of time.  For the last 7 years, Colette has been a wheelchair user and has had several powerchairs as she explains:

“My powerchairs are certainly put through their paces.  I commute around the country for work, using national rail, and flights so need an indoor/office powerchair which can also cope with rugged outdoor use when I take my large Burnese Mountain dog on long walks often on very uneven terrain which unfortunately, my previous models were not designed for.  When my last powerchair needed replacing, I started researching online and attended Naidex as I wanted a powerchair that could take me over difficult terrain with ease and give me the peace of mind that it would always get me home”.

While at Naidex Colette spoke to several powerchair manufacturers but nothing ticked all the boxes until she saw the NEW LIVE Magix 2 powerchair from Precision Rehab.  “As soon as I saw the Magix 2 and spoke to Matt I knew I had to have one. Within a couple of weeks, Matt was at my house with a demonstrator model”.  Colette has now had her Magix 2 for two months and loves it.

“The Magix 2 is amazing and without doubt the best powerchair I have ever had as it is so user friendly and very easy to manoeuvre - I have never felt so confident when I am out and about.  As many wheelchair users will tell you, it is not always easy to find two drop kerbs opposite each other but with the Magix 2 that doesn’t matter as it overcomes the kurb effortlessly, as if they are not even there.  I also love the fact that I can raise the seat height so I can talk to people face to face, and this also means that people notice me in the street and therefore don’t walk into me”. 

magix 2

But the highlight for Colette is the terrain capabilities which means she can now go on long country walks with her dog across terrain that would previously have been inaccessible due to the risk of getting stuck on rough, uneven ground.  “The power and performance combined with the stability I get from the six wheels is phenomenal.  Previously, when traversing pavements with an uneven camber, I felt uneasy, but now, I don’t even think about it as I feel so comfortable and secure”.

The next item to be ticked off Colette’s to do list is a trip to the seaside with her grandchildren. “I have spent years watching them play at the seaside and now I will be able to join in.  I cannot thank Matt and everyone at Precision Rehab enough.  Not only is the Magix 2 a phenomenal powerchair but Matt backs it up with superb knowledge and customer service and I would not hesitate in recommending him and his company to anyone looking for a powerchair” concluded Colette.

The NEW LIVE Magix 2 powerchair is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Its ultra-compact size and innovative 6-wheel drive system allow it to go to places that are considered inaccessible for most wheelchairs and powerchairs and can easily climb smoothly over kerbs and steps up to 15cm. It is available with powered seat functions including: seat lift 40-80cm, back recline 90/160 degree, tilt in space -37/+10 degree, power elevating & compensating leg rest (single or individual) with footplate to floor system. The Magic 2 comes with a comfortable standard seating system but can easily be fitted with aftermarket seating including V-Track for all postural requirements. The NEW LIVE Magix 2 truly has to be seen and tried to fully appreciate how agile and capable it is for both indoor and outdoor use with optimum comfort and ease.