The Precision Rehab wheelchair by NHD

At Precision Rehab Limited we have over 25 year’s experience of assessing and supplying specialist powered wheelchairs. We are always looking to supply the best quality products and deliver the right product for your needs, this includes professional assessments, deliveries, service and after sales care.

NHD AS is a Norwegian manufacturing and sales company operating in the aids sector in Norway. The directors have a long history in the industry, even though NHD as a company is relatively new.

Their History includes designing powered wheelchairs for production and car adaptation for sales. They developed Balder wheelchairs in the early nineties and, after many successful years, withdrew from this brand. The people now working for NHD are the same as back in the Balder days.
When it became clear that the market again needed their expertise, NHD AS was established and through close relationships with major and important players in the industry, the new LS300 was born. Once again, they have designed and manufactured this wheelchair to have the lowest seating height in the world today.

After a long process, this became ready for the market in the fall of 2019 and through an extensive collaboration with both new and old partners they have put together a sales and service team that will bring the LS300 to customers across the UK and Europe over the coming years.
The LS300 has the low seat height, and can have all other electrical functions. It also has completed approved collision tests and can be used in a car.

Over the coming years, NHD will bring both the further development of the LS concept and other products to the market. They base their work on a complete process at their own house where they have a modern machinery park and have highly qualified staff in many fields.

For more details on our range of powered wheelchairs include the LS300 call us on 01256 300111 or request further information on the contact us link.


Precision Rehab Ls300 – by NHD