TrackMaster MK-1 & MK-1X

“The TrackMaster range is a great addition to our growing powerchair portfolio and is unlike anything we currently have to offer. The stability is excellent, and the tracks are unrivalled over very rough terrain as they have no problem in tackling mud, snow, sand, ice, gravel, and water up to 30cm deep.

There are two TrackMaster models available, the MK-1 and the MK-1X all-terrain track-based electric powerchairs both of which have been designed to take the user where they want to go independently. The MK-1X off road capabilities are unmatched, and in the face of rocks, mud, sand, and snow it remains undaunted while the MK-1 is just as adapt at tackling tough terrain but with a width of just 74.9cm wide, fits through most doorway’s and into commonly used spaces within the home or workplace.