The TrackMaster MK-1X all-terrain track-based electric powerchairs has been designed to take the user where they want to go independently. MK-1X all-terrain track-based electric powerchairs both of which have been designed to take the user where they want to go independently. The MK-1X off road capabilities are unmatched, and in the face of rocks, mud, sand, and snow it remains undaunted with wider tracks than the MK-1

The stability is excellent, and the tracks are unrivalled over very rough terrain as they have no problem in tackling mud, snow, sand, ice, gravel, and water up to 30cm deep.

• These tracks are wider than the MK-1 allowing more surface traction, offering even more off-road capabilities in really wet mud, soft         sand and increased stability.
• The MK-1X wide tracks provide most all of the advantages of the MK-1 narrow tracks including features allowing a wider range of             outdoor surface terrain and conditions.
• The MK-1X width is 6.5-inches of very aggressive track patterns. These patterns perform well in all types of surfaces. See TrackMaster     videos for most of the challenges these tracks can conquer.
• We have a dual track system so you can invest in both track patterns if you wish with track assembly options. You can have two                machines in one frame.
• Others do not offer multiple tracks systems.
• TrackMaster 30-degree angle forward elevated track enables climbing curbs and debris.
• The TrackMaster has a well-balanced profile for extreme conditions in uneven terrain.
• Stainless Steel axle shaft that secures the track wheels to the frame and tracks.
• Others have small bolts which can reverse out to lose the entire track system during operation.



  • Total Length: 53 inches.
  • Total Height: 40 inches.
  • Total Width: 33.25 inches.
  • Base Weight approx.: 350 pounds.
  • Occupant Capacity: 350 pounds.(Machines with Lithium batteries weigh 300 lbs.)
  • Turning radius: zero degree with full left and right drive control.
  • Battery life up to 10 miles.
  • Maximum Speed: 4.5 mph.