The TrackMaster MK-1 all-terrain track-based electric powerchairs has been designed to take the user where they want to go independently. MK-1 is just as adapt at tackling tough terrain but with a width of just 74.9cm wide, fits through most doorway’s and into commonly used spaces within the home or workplace.

The stability is excellent, and the tracks Video are unrivalled over very rough terrain as they have no problem in tackling mud, snow, sand, ice, gravel, and water up to 30cm deep.

These tracks are 4.5-inches wide allowing access through 32-inch doorways, van entries, and all other public handicap accessible entries and equipment.

• The track material is selected because it does not make black rubber streak-marks on concrete, tile, linoleum, and does not damage carpet.
• The MK-1 narrow tracks are designed for and indoor/outdoor applications. It could replace existing wheelchair as the primary chair.
• The MK-1 also performs in outdoor environments similar to the MK-1X with wide tracks.
• The MK-1 and MK-1X model machines are both silent, good for peaceful trail riding or hunting.
• The MK-1 and MK-1X model machines deliver equal power to each track allowing zero radius spin.
• Others when turning, stop one track creating a drag which cuts efficiency and damages surfaces.
• TrackMaster 30-degree angle forward elevated track enables climbing curbs and debris.
• The TrackMaster has a well-balanced profile for extreme conditions in uneven terrain.
• Stainless Steel axle shaft that secures the track wheels to the frame and tracks.
• Others have small bolts which can reverse out to lose the entire track system during operation.




  • Total Length: 53 inches.
  • Total Height: 40 inches.
  • Total Width: 29.5 inches.
  • Base Weight approx.: 350 pounds.
  • Occupant Capacity: 350 pounds. (Machines with Lithium batteries weigh 300 lbs.)
  • Turning radius: zero degree with full left and right drive control.
  • Battery life up to 10 miles.
  • Maximum Speed: 4.5 mph