About UPnRIDE Robotics Limited:

UPnRIDE Robotics Ltd. is a developer of innovative life-changing assistive and mobility technologies intended for disabled and elderly people. Holding a patented technology and unique proprietary know-how, the company has spurred a significant leap forward in this field.

The first product of the company is the UPnRIDE, which allows wheelchair users to be fully mobile in both standing and sitting positions, in practically any urban environment (outdoors, indoors and even on slopes).

The team’s vast experience in developing, manufacturing and marketing medical and rehabilitation devices is demonstrated through its previous achievement – the ReWalk™ exoskeleton.

For more information, please visit http://www.upnride.com


The Benefits:

  • Increases independence – Automatic balancing assures safe ride uphill, downhill, and on slanted surfaces, in both standing and sitting positions – suitable for most wheelchair users.
  • Improves health – Standing up vertically – a vital medical necessity – counterbalances the impact of prolonged sitting, enabling functional activities, and enhancing overall health.

  • Diminishes visibility of the disability – Provides eye-level view in social interactions, enhancing dignity, social inclusion and self-esteem, and heightening quality of life.
  • Reduces medical costs – Reduces secondary complications of long-term sitting, lowering the need for hospitalization, medications and physiotherapy – a significant saving for health insurers, users, and their families.