About Mo-vis

Mo-Vis is a young and completely independent company, founded in November 2013 by a few passionate people with decades of experience and entrepreneurship in the world of disabilities and technological aids. All people of the Mo-Vis team have built throughout the years a lot of experience and knowledge and are educated to develop, produce, recommend, measure and provide technological aids and special input devices for powered wheelchairs.

Mo-vis mission is to develop, produce and worldwide commercialize a range of most innovative, intelligent, unique and affordable controlling systems for people with disabilities (people with physical disabilities, elderly) to optimize their integration, independence and most of all quality of life!

Therefore, our engineers, technicians and paramedical people work with leading and distinguished research centres, universities and producers in Belgium/abroad on the one hand and with specialized and experienced multifunctional and rehabilitation centres and their residents/patients in Flanders on the other. They are involved in thinking along, testing and evaluating the projects in development and prototyping.

Mo-Vis stands for ‘move with vision’ because the above-described mission and vision are of major importance and this idea is reflected in the motivation and passion of the employees. We are convinced that we can make a difference with our well thought solutions for a lot of persons with disabilities. We never give in thinking and searching for solutions which can really ‘move’ people.

As our vision always drives us to keep moving forward, you can expect us in the future to surprise you even more with our new developments in products and solutions. We’re looking forward to the next steps in our ‘move with vision’ and hope you are too! Our core business is "to develop, manufacture and worldwide commercialize innovative, intelligent, unique and affordable control and mounting systems for persons with disabilities (disabled, the elderly, ....)". Moreover, our Mo-Vis products are completely independent of brand or type wheelchair.


Dual Isolated USB charger Output, 3A, R-net

Actuator Key Pads (buttons & paddles)

Multi Switch



Multi Switch



Hand Warmer