Work Chairs

The Eurovema work chairs meet a great variety of needs thanks to the many possible combinations. All of their chairs provide stability, safety and comfort by combining chassis, seat system and electrical functions, they can provide a chair that makes life easier, whether the chair is used at home or at work. For minor disabilities, Eurovema can provide chair solutions combining the necessary functions with flexible adjustment options

For more extensive physical disability, they provide seat systems meeting high requirements for seat ergonomics, which can be equipped with many accessories and optional functions.

Euroflex Basic 

This is a work chair with very easy-rolling wheels and a generous space between wheels, making it easy for the user to kick the chair forwards whilst sitting. The ergonomically designed seat system offers true sitting comfort. Getting in or out of the chair is made easier thanks to the centrally locked rear wheels, and a seat plate that can be angled.

Euroflex Forma 

Forma creates a unique sitting ergonomics through a two-part seat that both moulds to the pelvis and relieves pressure on the ischial nodes. In combination with a backrest that is built up in sections, which is adapted to each user, we put together a chair with guaranteed good and long-lasting comfort. All seat adjustments can be made, without tools, using ergonomically designed levers. Electric seat functions are also available as an option.

Euroflex SitRite 

Flexbase SitRite is designed to provide extra support and comfort to the user. With a stable sitting position, it creates increased endurance and optimises the ability of the user to use their arms and head. The seating system is anatomically designed with great ergonomic advantages in respect of seating position and pressure distribution. All seat adjustments can be made, without tools, using ergonomically designed levers. Electric seat functions are available as an option. Flexbase SitRite offers a large range of accessories. The chassis has very easy-rolling wheels that follow the unevenness of the ground and has generous space between the wheels, making it easy for the user to kick forward whilst sitting in the chair.

Euroflex XL

EXL is a work chair developed for extra-large and heavy people with a disability. The EXL chair is built to tolerate user weights up to 270 kg and is available in two different seat lift versions: one with electric adjustment, and one with gas piston adjustment.

Euroflex Clinic

The clinic chair is a chair that streamlines patient examinations at, for example, eye and ear clinics. Through a number of different adjustment possibilities, it creates good ergonomics for doctors and nurses as well as for the patient. The simple and functional controls meet the needs of quick adjustments. The artificial leather upholstery makes it easy to keep clean.

Euroflex Junior SitRite

Junior has been produced to give children/young people with disabilities the opportunity to enjoy a good seating position at various points of day at school or nursery, during mealtimes, and when at play. A broad range of accessories and easily managed functional settings make it easy to adapt the chair to the needs of the individual child. Junior features a special chassis, Junior 52, but it is also available with the Flexbase chassis.