After sale Care

At Precision Rehab Limited we understand that the after sales support of your powered wheelchair is very important to you and your life style, it is also very important for us as a company.

After sales care has many different meanings, annual servicing, replace consumable parts such as tyres and batteries, break down and repairs, seating changes due to growth or conditional changes, warranty work and insurance claims.

Our range of Paravan powered wheelchairs are renowned for their build quality and reliability, however parts can wear or be damaged during everyday use, if this happens we have a team of Service Engineers from our direct sales team, including our well established dealer network will ensure your powerchair is repaired as quickly as possible. Precision Rehab is committed to giving the continual advice so that you make the most of owning a Paravan powerchair.

Should you require any seating, posture and control system changes due to growth or conditional changes we are ready to give advice, assess and recommend any changes required.

For more details regarding our after sales support call us on 01256 300111 or email: [email protected]