Driving a car in a wheelchair

Put the wheelchair in the car – and off you go!

A world premiere that we are particularly proud of: Using a remote controlled ramp, you can drive your wheelchair directly into your car. There it locks into a smart docking station that automatically connects the electronics of the wheelchair to those of the car. A few moments later you can drive away. The wheelchair is the driver's seat and the 3-point or 4-point seat belt is now used for the seat.
When converting your car,  we adjust the ramp, steering wheel, accelerator and brake as well as all necessary aids and instruments exactly to the needs of you and your wheelchair. We offer the highest level of comfort and mobility!

"I passed 6000 km after 6 months driving. Everything works very well. PARAVAN is a part of my success story".
Andreas Kistner

This technical masterpiece has full EU certification; the wheelchair and safety belt has passed all the relevant crash tests with flying colours. The wheelchair can also be docked as a passenger seat – an interesting option for driving services for the disabled.

The Paravan power wheelchair

We have equipped the high-end PR 50 power wheelchair with a seat that is unrivalled elsewhere. You simply drive your wheelchair into your car, which is individually adapted to your needs and includes a 3 or 4-point belt system. Seated behind the wheel, you connect the electronics to the Paravan docking station, and away you go. All components are perfectly coordinated. This combination of the docking station, power wheelchair and seat has passed all crash tests with flying colours and is also TÜV-tested. In addition, the PR 50 is the only wheelchair that holds EU approval as a car seat in this configuration.

The Paravan docking station

The innovative Paravan docking station acts as the secure link between the wheelchair and vehicle. You drive your PR 50 over the docking station and the system then locks in place electronically: you are entirely safe and secure. The solidly built docking station made of high-strength stainless steel offers optimum stability and safety on the road – TÜV-tested! At the same time, your wheelchair batteries will be recharged during the journey.