First-class mechanical engineering quality from Swabia: from 2013 with a 10-year warranty*!

Top workmanship, a team of software and mechanical engineers, proximity between Development and Production, combined with a high-tech machine park and Swabian patience and ingenuity: all this has gone into the new Paravan power wheelchairs in the PR series. Resulting in impressive product quality, backed by us 100 percent! In this vein, we now offer our customers a special highlight: From 2013, all Paravan power wheelchairs come with a 10-year manufacturer's warranty!

*according to the applicable terms of warranty of Paravan GmbH (click here)


Intelligent technology made by Paravan

Countless details reveal how much our developers enjoy sophisticated, everyday technology. For example, go downhill and the batteries automatically charge; or the seat covers made of Mesh-Tex: this naturally breathable upholstery fabric is manufactured using nanotechnology. It provides maximum seating comfort, distributes pressure evenly and prevents pressure sores (decubitus). The electrical seat tilt is especially beneficial to health. At the touch of a button the wheelchair moves you to a comfortable relaxed position while elevating your legs and ensuring beneficial blood circulation. You’ll be amazed!


Unique mechanics – We offer a 10-year warranty

The tradition of Swabian mechanical engineering and state-of-the-art quality form the basis for the Paravan PR wheelchair series. PARAVAN's PR power wheelchairs are developed and produced directly in the company. Thanks to our corporate concept "A one-stop shop, everything under one roof" our wheelchairs are only made of first-class materials and can always be perfectly adapted to each customer on an individual basis. Their unique electrics and strong mechanical construction in high-quality steel allow them to bear weights up to 160 kg, tilt 50° backwards and 20° forwards and lift up to 80cm. This has also resulted in a licence for use on public roads according to the latest guidelines with 20G as well as TÜV-tested approval of the PR50 as a roadworthy car seat – something that no other seat can claim.

We can therefore declare with a clear conscience: "High-tech power wheelchairs following the best traditions of Swabian mechanical engineering: now with a 10-year warranty on all Paravan wheelchairs"!


Tilt function

Featuring a tilt function of up to 50° backwards and 20° forwards to make breathing easier, to prevent pressure sores or simply for relaxation. Secure positioning is ensured thanks to the powerful electrics and unique mechanical design of the PARAVAN wheelchair.


Electric lift function:

First-class electronics and mechanical engineering developed following the best traditions of Swabian technology have enabled us to incorporate a stable, powerful lift function in the Paravan wheelchair that easily raises up to 80 cm in height. Indispensable for all kinds of everyday situation at the office or workshop. So allowing you to talk to other people at eye level thanks to the lift function!


Electric footrests:

With Paravan's PR power wheelchairs, our engineers, technicians and therapists have created a masterpiece of versatility following the best traditions of Swabian mechanical engineering. The foot supports of these high-tech wheelchairs are shock-absorbent. The split footrests are designed to cushion vibrations, so avoiding spasms. The lower leg supports are individually adjustable and electrically extendible (optional extra). Also including the integrated anti-tipper for greater safety, puncture-resistant tyres with lengthwise grooved tread (optional: lug profile, pneumatic tyres), bright halogen headlights / rear light and stable tie-down lugs for securing in your car: all these features of the PR wheelchair series result in no-compromise safety on the road!


Docking station:

The Paravan docking station lives up to the company's motto "Made in Germany": it securely anchors the wheelchair in a vehicle thanks to its outstanding production / product quality. The use of high-strength steel (electro-galvanised) prevents twisting and any transfer of instability or inherent dynamics. This ensures a safe and smooth journey, including with our Paravan Space Drive®. The Paravan docking station has been tested with 20G according to the latest guidelines and is even designed to charge your wheelchair during your journey.


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Health insurance approvals

HMV no.
Registration confirmation AOK (German State health Insurance) from 09.06.2008 according to §126 Section 3 SGB V (German Social Code – State Health Insurance)
Technical Aids List according to §139 SGB V IKK-Bundesverband (Guild of Health Insurances - Federal Association)
Spitzenverbände der Krankenkassen
(Statuary Health Insurance Agencies)
from 19 June 2008