All-round HEAVY DUTY Joystick
• for Omni
• for R-net
The All-round Heavy Duty Joystick is a durable version of the standard All-round Joystick with enlarged throw and force. As the name suggests, this joystick has been developed for persons with excessive force development like spasticity, dystonia or users with extreme hypertonicity. This fully proportional joystick has a compact and solid housing with 2 jack inputs for switches.

• Fully proportional joystick with increased amplitude and high power requirement (650gr – 22.93 oz)
• All-round Heavy Duty use : can be used as joystick to be operate with the hand, the foot, …
• Switches for on/off function or mode button, so directly connectable
• Fully adjustable to individual possibilities and needs
• Easily configurable with the free mo-Vis Configuration software