The new Precision Rehab PR 30 Evo II - by Paravan: individually tailored to your needs

You can put together your new PR30 Evo II exactly how you wish. The new Paravan PR30 Evo II features a modular design and can be fitted and modified with a wide range of additional options according to your individual medical needs. The PR 30 Evo II modular system includes a tilt function, a lift function up to a height of 80 cm or footrests with additional electric features. This means the new Paravan PR 30 Evo II can be perfectly adapted to your individual medical condition.

Another highlight of our new PR 30 Evo II power wheelchair is the Paravan contoured seat system: Nine different configurations consisting of back pads (height: 52,63,71 cm) and seat pads (seat depth: 40-54 cm) are individually selectable – at no extra charge. Also included are the seat baseplate with seat cushion, a manually folding backrest, an integrated backplate with threaded inserts (e.g. for infusion holders or pushing aid), an adjustable headrest, multi-adjustable armrests as well as the "Monte-Carlo" easy-care fabric seat cover embroidered with the Paravan logo.

This Paravan power wheelchair is a joystick-controlled all-rounder, which offers perfect comfort and mobility in your everyday life: manoeuvrable in the home, versatile at work, safe on the road. Its excellent cost-benefit ratio speaks for itself. Perfectly adapted to your individual needs.

One highlight of the new PR 30: is value for money

With the new PR 30, our engineers, technicians and therapists have created a masterpiece of versatility following the best traditions of Swabian mechanical engineering.

Your new PR 30 could look like this: Standard model of the Precision Rehab PR 30 - by Paravan: 

  • Front drive electric wheelchair
  • Low seat height, 40 cm (without seat pad)
  • Max. user weight: 120 kg
  • Integrated tilt protection
  • Individual, fold-up and removable footrests
  • The PARAVAN contour seat system with nine different seat variations to choose from (backrest and seat part), including a „Monte Carlo“ seat cover with an embroidered PARAVAN logo and seat pad.
  • Manual seat-length adjustment
  • The armrests can be folded away and their height and inclination is adjustable; the head rest is also adjustable
  • Integrated back plate with thread inserts (e.g. for drip stand, pushing aid)
  • LED headlights, light-emitting diodes and indicators are attached at the side
  • Joystick control with up to 5 functions and a swivel device
  • Puncture-proof tyres with longitudinal grooved tread
  • Very manoeuvrable because it is only 64 cm wide
  • Ground clearance approx. 70 mm
  • Integrated retractable tilt prevention
  • Battery charger included in scope of supply
  • Standard speed 6 km/h (10 km/h optional)

Seat lift and tilt module 

  • Electrical seat height adjustment (lifting function) lifting height 400 mm to 800 mm, infinite
  • Electrical seat tilt with stand-up support, tilt angle up to 50° backwards and 20° forwards

Electric footrests module:

  • Electrical lower-leg angle adjustment up to 90°
  • Electrical lower-leg length compensation up to 120 mm
  • Individual footrests, spring mounted, hinged

Precision Rehab PR 30 - by Paravan: key facts and options

Our PR 30 key facts are bound to delight:

  • Made in Germany
  • Top production / product quality
  • Developed by PARAVAN entirely in-house
  • PARAVAN contoured seat system with nine selectable seat variations
  • Max. user weight 120 kg
  • Highly manoeuvrable thanks to width of only 64 cm
  • Ground clearance approx. 70mm

Additional modules such as:

  • Lap belt, backrest / armrest width extension as well as adjustable side members on seat pad
  • Modular system
  • Individually selectable seat cushions
  • Other controls
  • Electric lift function to max. 80cm
  • Electric tilt function to max. 50° backwards and stand-up function to max. 20° forwards
  • Electric footrests
  • Electric backrest adjustment
  • Electric seat slide
  • Individual paintwork options
  • Mechanical docking station
  • Many other options

As individual as you yourself: colours available for Precision Rehab PR 30 - by Paravan

In addition to this extensive range of standard colours for your Paravan power wheelchair, we would also be delighted to customise it to your requirements. Special shades and paintwork, airbrushing or the application of your own decals – our creative team ensures that your wheelchair will be just how you want it.

Click here for all available colours