The new Precision Rehab PR35

Our wheelchair solution that grows with the child

It's colorful, it's agile and it grows with you: Our PR 35 power wheelchair is ideally positioned for children's care. We have reduced the size of the new chassis in many colorful children s colors by 30 percent and equipped it with a sprung rear axle. This makes the PR 35 agile, maneuverable and child-friendly in every situation. The PR 35's K110 seat system, which grows with the user, also ensures that the wheelchair always sits perfectly, even during growth spurts. And the modular design with extra-quiet actuators for tilt, backrest and other functions make the PR 35 a compact companion in daycare, school, at home and during leisure time.

Precision Rehab PR35 - by Paravan: key facts and options

  • Power wheelchair with front-wheel drive
  • Adaptable seat system in seat width, seat depth and backrest
  • Very maneuverable, as only 570 mm wide
  • Joystick control R-Net
  • Footrest spring-loaded and foldable
  • Speed 6 km/h (10 km/h optional)
  • Max. User weight: 80 kg person weight
  • Chassis painting in many colorful children's colors
  • Electr. tilt 45° to the rear (optional)
  • Electric seat lift max. 30 cm (optional)
  • Removable side bolsters in different heights (optional)
  • Electr. backrest adjustment (optional)
  • Electr. lower leg angle adjustment with length compensation (optional)
  • Electric seat length adjustment (optional)

Compact. Great!

For More manoeuvrability and agility, we have given the PR 35 a new child-friendly chassis. The new chassis is about 30 percent smaller and more compact than the power wheelchair chassis of the PARAVAN PR 40, for example.

Multifunctional. Ingenious!

Sitting, lifting and, if desired, tilting... Our PR 35 children's wheelchair is modular with many technical functions.

Grows with you.

The new K110 seat concept from PARAVAN is designed to "grow" with the child in just a few simple steps. Seat width, backrest width, backrest height, etc. virtually adapt to the child's growth spurts.