Manual Swing mounting arm – Chin Control
• Manual Swing Right Arm
• Manual Swing Right Arm Bundle
• Manual Swing Left Arm
• Manual Swing Left Arm Bundle
The Manual Swing is a versatile arm to mount on a wheelchair. The Manual Swing is designed for the use of a chin control system, but can also be mounted and used for the attachment of small and lightweight communication tools to the wheelchair (max. weight about 500 gr on max. distance of 65 cm).

• This mounting arm can swing away in several directions (multi-directional): up, down, left and right, depending on the mounting.
• The Manual Swing is also offered in a bundle with mounting kit for easy mounting of the arm to the back of the wheelchair via the Q2M Universal Clamp.
• With the various Q2M Dogbones components, the Manual Swing can be positioned for each user.
• Different types of joystick or devices can be easily mounted on the mounting arm through the Quick-to-mount system.
• Two separate rods in C or S shape are supplied as standard for mounting a joystick.