Paravan’s special wheelchair solutions: tailor-made, individual, customised

We don’t do No can do! Living up to this motto, Paravan can, of course, also offer highly personalised special solutions to ensure your mobility. Using the PR 50 power wheelchair as the basis, we develop customised designs for the obese, people with restricted growth or patients in need of portable respiration apparatus. Our team of experienced therapists, engineers and technicians will customise your very own Paravan wheelchair exactly to your specific needs, however demanding – offering you everything under one roof from a single source. We would also be delighted to work with you to even develop special control variants and or solutions directly catering for your home environment.


An example of what we can do for you: special alternatives for adaptation at a glance


Another special wheelchair solution from Paravan


Special wheelchair solutions made by Paravan: What can we do for you?

Special control systems

Control your Paravan wheelchair with intelligent, customised control systems. Perfectly adapted to your needs. Safe and reliable.


Mounting medical equipment

Every Paravan PR 50 comes with four threaded holes as standard, so making it easier to fit medical equipment such as portable respiration apparatus. Thanks to our extensive machine park and the expertise of our staff we can also come up with a perfect creative solution for major challenges. iPad holder available on request.


Special seat solutions

Tailor-made and perfectly adapted to your medical condition:

  • Seat width extension
  • Seat length extension
  • Lateral support
  • Prevention of pressure sores
  • Reduction in length of rests,
  • etc.

Our customer advisers will find the best possible solution for you.


Customised armrests

Movable or fixed armrests, reinforced, widened or with special arm and/or hand guides. Working with you, we will find the right arm support for your needs.


Special technical solutions

Holders for your laptop or walking stick, or belt handover devices. Our highly-qualified engineers can develop personalised solutions that fulfil almost every wish. Thanks to our concept of everything under one roof from a single source, development, production and fitting is fast and flexible at Paravan and features top mechanical engineering quality.


 Electric Swing Away Chin Control System
 Head Control 1

 Head Control
 Mini Chin Control 1

 Mini Chin Control 2
 Mini Chin Control

 RJM Chin Control with Mini Cup Buttons 1
 RJM Chin Control with Mini Cup Buttons