Multi Joystick
• for Omni
• for R-net

The Multi Joystick is designed to be used as chin joystick, but thanks to its flexibility, it can easily be controlled by other parts of the body. As the name says, this joystick is multifunctional and can be controlled by chin, finger, lip, … In our product range, the Multi Joystick is situated between the Micro Joystick and the standard All-round Joystick.

• Pure proportional joystick with reduced amplitude and force requirement (50 gr)
• Built in a compact and discreet housing with two 3.5 mm jack inputs for switch input
• 1 or 2 switches (like e.g. Twister) can be immediately plugged as on/off or mode switch
• Recommended for people with tetraplegia or neuromuscular diseases (ALS, MS, …)
• Light version of the standard joystick and therefore ideal for use as a chin-, lip- or finger joystick
• Separate interface with sophisticated electronics: joystick adaptable to individual capabilities and needs
• Free downloadable software to configure joystick via PC (equipped with a mini USB port)
• Delivered with Quick-to-mount (Q2M) Rods and Clamps