The perfect connection between wheelchair and vehicle: the Paravan docking station

In conjunction with the Paravan docking station, the Paravan PR 50 wheelchair is the world's first wheelchair to be approved as a driver's seat. It acts as the secure, vibration-absorbing link between your disability-friendly vehicle and the PR 50 and also functions as battery charging station. Crash test passed with flying colours. The wheelchair engages accurately with the docking station; approach also possible at an angle with the preset guidance system. Even the most minor components are manufactured with top production / product quality.

The Paravan docking station offers secure fixing through its mechanical and electronic docking mechanism and includes a mechanical emergency release device. The wheelchair batteries are recharged via the vehicle's electrical system during the journey.

Drivers and passengers can use the docking station with any Paravan vehicle adaptation and in numerous different positions. Modified seats for non-disabled drivers can be quickly refitted with the docking station in place. The Paravan docking station does not result in any instability or inherent dynamics and so ensures a safe and smooth journey including for disabled persons with severely impaired motor functions. The docking station is stable due to the use of high-strength steel (electro-galvanised), which prevents twisting in all three axes.