The new Precision Rehab PR35 S

Our standing wheelchair solution for children and smaller adults from PARAVAN

Our PR35 S is a very special power wheelchair. It is small, compact, colourful and versatile. In other words, it is ideally developed and tailored to the needs of our smallest customers. Lying down, standing up, tilting - all functions are on board. And the 30 percent smaller chassis also makes the wheelchair extremely agile. Just the way children love it! Whether at day care, school or at home - our PARAVAN PR 35 S is made to be actively involved. Right in the thick of the action! 

Precision Rehab PR35 S - by Paravan: key facts and options

  • Electric standing wheelchair with front-wheel drive
  • Integrated standing, reclining and tilting function
  • Highly manoeuvrable thanks to width of only 59 cm
  • Adaptive PARAVAN seat shell concept
  • R-Net CJSM joystick control
  • Electric lower-leg angle adjustment with length compensation
  • Electrical back adjustment (biometric)
  • Electric 45° tilt backward and 20° forward
  • Spring-loaded and foldable footrests
  • Calf pads – height and width positions adjustable
  • Electric route stabilization (optional)
  • Optional further controls available
  • Special controls and environmental controls available
  • Customized modern paint finishes

Standing up!

A real highlight of the PR35 S power wheelchair is its flexibility with sitting, standing, lying and tilting functions. And that with a much smaller chassis. This ensures manoeuvrability and agility. Just like children love it...


The PR 35 S has an electric tilt function to the rear 45° and 20° to the front. This makes moving easier and the whole body can relax. 

Lying down made easy

With one movement on the joystick, the PR35 S stand-up wheelchair changes to a comfortable lying position. Another click on the joystick and it goes seamlessly into the standing position. 

At eye level

If desired, the PR35 S can also be equipped with an electric lift function. This allows you to reach every book on your shelf. 

Everything under control

Multifunctional, available in two versions. Numerous individual functions programmable with memory function.