Hand Warmer

• Hand Warmer Set
• Hand Warmer Dome Set (2 hands)
The mo-Vis Hand Warmer improves the flexibility of cold body parts. The Hand Warmer’s main functionality is to keep the area around a wheelchair’s input device warm. This increases the comfort of the user and their ability to control the input device. This heating can be crucial for some sufferers of muscular diseases, to enable them to maintain control of their power chair.

• Always warm hands with optimal finger mobility and functionality
• Already heated air is recycled
• Reduced power consumption and more power efficiency
• A Twister or any other mechanical switch can be immediately plugged (on/off, select power levels)
• Also works with the mo-Vis Multi Switch and the mo-Vis Proximity Switches
• Fully adjustable to individual possibilities and needs
• Auto off, number of power levels, temperature and fan speed are fully programmable
• Easily configurable with the free mo-Vis Configuration software
• To better maintain the air temperature around the hands, a Perspex dome-shaped 2 hands hood is available