At Precision Rehab Limited we understand that the after sales support of your powered wheelchair is very important to you and your life style, it is also very important for us as a company. After sales care has many different meanings, annual servicing, replace consumable parts such as tyres and batteries, break down and repairs, seating changes due to growth or conditional changes, warranty work and insurance claims.


We will arrange for a specialist from Precision Rehab to visit you to give a personal demonstration and conduct a detailed assessment. We will assess the places – your home, office or school – where you will be using your powerchair. To make the assessment as effective as possible, it is a good idea to involve your partner, Occupation Therapist, Physiotherapist and anyone else who may help you.

Driving a Car in a Wheelchair

Put the wheelchair in the car – and off you go! A world premiere that we are particularly proud of: Using a remote controlled ramp, you can drive your wheelchair directly into your car. There it locks into a smart docking station that automatically connects the electronics of the wheelchair to those of the car. A few moments later you can drive away.

Driving Docking Station

In conjunction with the Paravan docking station, the Paravan PR 50 wheelchair is the world’s first wheelchair to be approved as a driver’s seat. It acts as the secure, vibration-absorbing link between your disability-friendly vehicle and the PR 50 and also functions as battery charging station. Crash test passed with flying colours. The wheelchair engages accurately with the docking station.

Special Solutions & Controls

Using the PR 50 power wheelchair as the basis, we develop customised designs for the obese, people with restricted growth or patients in need of portable respiration apparatus. However demanding – offering you everything under one roof from a single source. We would also be delighted to work with you to even develop special control variants.

Technical Features of PR Series

Top workmanship, a team of software and mechanical engineers, proximity between Development and Production, combined with a high-tech machine park and Swabian patience and ingenuity: all this has gone into the new Paravan power wheelchairs in the PR series. Resulting in impressive product quality.

Wheel of Health

Wheel of Health. Who Are We? Specialist wheelchair seating and 24 hour posture management clinical practice. Specialist provider of wheelchair, posture management and allied equipment solutions for adults and children with complex needs. Skilled occupational therapists / physiotherapists with additional post graduate training and expertise in this specialism.

Service & Parts

To book a service engineer or order parts please contact [email protected]