The new Precision Rehab PR 25

Precision Rehab PR 25 - by Paravan: key facts and options

Having the convenient option to lower the seat of their electric wheelchair down to the ground is the only way many people can get into their wheelchair by themselves, reach things on the floor easily, or interact with playmates at eye level. This is something the latest addition to the PARAVAN PR wheelchair series – the PR 25 – can offer. At just 64 cm wide, this wheelchair is extremely maneuverable and flexible to use. Thanks to the electric height adjustment feature, the seat can be lowered right down to 15 cm.

“Children are always playing on the floor,” points out Stefan Ludwig, Head of Wheelchair Systems at PARAVAN GmbH. “Thanks to the PR 25, young wheelchair users can now get right back into the action and no longer have to look on from above.” Yet this new electric wheelchair offers great potential for older users too. The horizontal seat extension system means that users can switch chairs even in very tight spaces – be it at home, at school, or at work. This wheelchair solution is ideal for children, people of small stature, and people with the congenital disorder dysmelia in one or more limbs.

“The PR 25 is a flexible and multifunctional wheelchair starter solution, adapted to suit the needs of young children,” says Stefan Ludwig.  “It’s the perfect entry point for the electric wheelchair class.” Not only can it be lowered down to the floor, but the height can also be adjusted all the way up to 72 centimeters, making it possible for users to communicate at eye level too.

In addition, the PR 25 can be tilted up to 45 degrees back and 20 degrees forward, and it is mobile no matter what height and position the seat is set at. Thanks to the two 85Ah battery, this electric wheelchair boasts an exceptionally high cruising range. It also features a spring-mounted rear axle like the PR 40. The seat can be fitted with either a three- or four-point belt system. Moreover, it can be adapted to suit the needs of individual users and is built to withstand weights of up to 60 kilograms. The PR 25 comes with an R-Net CJSM joystick control as standard. It is completely mobile even in its basic configuration and its seat system is designed to grow with the user.

“The PR 25 may not be a one-size-fits-all product, but as far as the user is concerned it is a very important one. It marks a major step forward for putting the idea of inclusion into practice,” says PARAVAN head of marketing Alexander Nerz. “Products like this are simply an integral part of a versatile and unique product range designed to take care of customers’ needs in a useful and comprehensive way. After over ten years of wheelchair development at PARAVAN, we have been able to enhance our portfolio with yet another innovative product that benefits customers.”

  • Electric wheelchair with seat-to-floor function
  • Entry height of only 15 cm when seat is on the floor
  • Driving in lowered state possible
  • Driving in lifted state possible
  • Stepless seat adjustment in length and lowering
  • Very manoeuvrable, only 64 cm wide
  • Adaptive PARAVAN seat shell concept

The PARAVAN PR 25 from PARAVAN GmbH on Vimeo.    

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