Electric Wheelchairs

Eurovema quality power wheelchairs have been developed to be easy to use and to work in various everyday situations, both indoors and outdoors. All their models come as standard with adjustable seat height with angling or tilting function to provide ab electric wheelchair that works in different everyday situations. The chairs can be easily adjusted using the flexible Euroflex system with different seat alternatives and a broad range of accessories.

Eurovema's goal for their electrically powered wheelchairs is to make them simple to use and work with. 

Front wheel drive power wheelchairs 

Miniflex SitRite 

Miniflex SitRite is an electric indoor wheelchair with minimal external dimensions and a simple reliable design. Its small, versatile format is much appreciated, as is the advanced work chair seat that has been produced in conjunction with seat ergonomics experts.


Miniflex Junior SitRite 

Miniflex Junior SitRite is an electric child’s wheelchair for indoor use that has been produced to give good freedom of movement.
It is small and compact with an electric seat lift, which makes it easy to get close to desks and work surfaces, and is easily height adjustable. The seat is designed to provide extra support and comfort. The stable sitting position creates the conditions for increased endurance while sitting and optimises the user’s ability to move their arms and head.


Mid wheel drive power wheelchairs 


Flexmobil SitRite

Flexbase SitRite is designed to provide extra support and comfort to the user. With a stable sitting position, it creates increased endurance and optimises the ability of the user to use their arms and head. The seating system is anatomically designed with great ergonomic advantages in respect of seating position and pressure distribution. All seat adjustments can be made, without tools, using ergonomically designed levers. Electric seat functions are available as an option. Flexbase SitRite offers a large range of accessories. The chassis has very easy-rolling wheels that follow the unevenness of the ground and has generous space between the wheels, making it easy for the user to kick forward whilst sitting in the chair.

Flexmobil Junior SitRite

With Flexmobil Junior SitRite, we take mobility aids for children to a new level. We have produced an innovative electric wheelchair for indoor use that provides great freedom of movement at home, at school, and in your free time. The chair is equipped with an innovative chassis with a more generous seat height and lower noise level. It is the child who gets to be seen and heard – not the chair.

Flexmobil Comfort II

With Flexmobil Comfort II, we increase seating comfort another step for people who sit in their electric wheelchairs often and for longer periods of time. Flexmobil Comfort II is an electric wheelchair for indoor use that provides a new level of freedom of movement in the home and at work. The chair boasts an innovative chassis that affords a more generous seat height and lower noise level. The new Comfort II represents the evolution of the previous Comfort wheelchair, featuring a new sliding backrest function that provides better sitting comfort through the introduction of new cushions. It is also easier for the user to adjust the chair.