The Precision Rehab range of wheelchairs by Paravan

At Precision Rehab Limited have almost 30 years experience of assessing and supplying specialist powered wheelchairs. We are always looking to supply the best quality products and deliver the right product for your needs, this includes professional assessments, deliveries, service and after sales care.

Precision Rehab supply the Paravan range of powered wheelchairs, the range is very comprehensive allowing us to assess and supply the right powered wheelchair to meet your individual needs. Paravan manufacture the most innovative, stable and versatile electric wheelchairs in the world. A companion that will help you to manage your physical needs at home, at work, while enjoying your hobbies or out and about. Ingenious but incredibly easy to use, they are highly manoeuvrable and crash tested allowing to be a safe passenger in an adapted vehicle or you can even drive a car without getting out of it!

The ultra-robust wheelchair was constructed by Paravan engineers, technicians and therapists in the best Swabian engineering tradition. Its development took four years. Since 2008, series production and special design production have been continuing in the Paravan innovation centre. The wheelchair is patented, TÜV-certified and has been crash-tested. It is the only wheelchair that possesses EU certification as a car seat with integrated belt! Naturally, we adapt each detail to meet your individual needs. You can pick up your wheelchair just six weeks after ordering.

Our Paravan range of powered wheelchairs includes a Standing Range - PR35S, PR40 and Biolution, and a Multi-function wheelchairs - Piccolino, PR25, PR30, PR35, PR50 and Heavy Duty, for more details call us on 01256 300111 or request further information on the contact us.

Standing Wheelchair Range

Precision Rehab PR35S – by Paravan

Precision Rehab PR 40 – by Paravan

Precision Rehab Biolution – by Paravan

Multi-function Wheelchair Range

Precision Rehab Piccolino – by Paravan

Precision Rehab PR 25 – by Paravan

Precision Rehab PR 35 – by Paravan

Precision Rehab PR 30 – by Paravan

Precision Rehab PR 50 – by Paravan

Precision Rehab PR Heavy Duty – by Paravan