Precision Rehab will make choosing the right powered wheelchair with the following steps …

1. Telephone consultation

When you call us we will ask a few basic questions to establish your specific needs. Then we will arrange for a specialist from Precision Rehab to visit you to give a personal demonstration and conduct a detailed assessment.

2. Personal assessment

We will assess the places – your home, office or school – where you will be using your powerchair. To make the assessment as effective as possible, it is a good idea to involve your partner, Occupation Therapist, Physiotherapist and anyone else who may help you.

3. Individual prescription

After the assessment we will put together a detailed quotation, describing the powerchair we propose to be build for you, including the special features, modifications and accessories that will help to make life easier.

4. Delivery and training

When we deliver your new powered wheelchair we will guild you through its functions and features to ensure that you know how to use powerchair safely and effectively. Usually you will receive this essential training from the Precision Rehab specialist who conducted your personal assessment to ensure continuity.

5. Support and servicing

Paravan powerchairs are renowned for their reliability, however parts can wear or be damaged during everyday use. If this happens, we have a team of Service Engineers who will repair your powerchair your powerchair as quickly as possible. Precision Rehab is committed to giving continual advice so that you make the most of owning a Paravan powerchair, especially if your needs change over time.

The Precision Rehab experience is as unique as you are – contact us today.

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