Actuator Keypad

  • Actuator Keypad Button R-net CJSM1
  • Actuator Keypad Paddle R-net CJSM1
  • Actuator Keypad Button R-net CJSM2
  • Actuator Keypad Paddle R-net CJSM2
  • Keypad Bracket In Line Set
  • Keypad Bracket Side Mounted Set
  • Scoot Control Keypad Bracket Set

The Actuator Keypad allows to control the seating positions of a powered wheelchair with an R-net control system. Actuator Keypad with Buttons Actuator Keypad with Paddles


The keypad allows to control the actuator's axes (lifts) 1 to 5 on an R-net system.

  • The keypad is available in two versions: with buttons or with paddles.
  • There are two different versions of keypads available for CJSM1 or CJSM2 joysticks.
  • Simple connection: via a 3.5 mm stereo jack into the mode socket of the joystick.
  • Some R-net parameters need to be set correctly before the keypad is operational. For these settings we refer to the Curtiss-Wright manual.


  • The Actuator Keypad can be mounted In Line or Sideways on a CJSM1 or CJSM2 joystick.
  • Actuator Keypads P016-98 and P016-99 (those compatible with the CJSM2 joysticks), are also compatible with the Scoot Control (P015-61).

A sticker sheet comes with the Actuator Keypad to facilitate the use of the keypad. You see some of the possibilities in the pictures. However, the available icons are only suggestions. The user is free to assign his/her own function to each button or paddle.