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THIIS. – June edition. – Taking control with facial expressions

An innovative powerchair control system that enables users to control their chair with their face is being supplied in the UK by Precision Rehab.

Created by Now Technologies, the Gyro Glory allows wheelchair users to operate their chair using their eyes, cheeks, mouth and any other part of their face they can move via a headset, which connects to the chair by Bluetooth.

In situations where there is the possibility of Bluetooth connectivity interference, the headset can also be connected directly to the chair with a cable, simultaneously charging the headset.

Matthew James, Director of Precision Rehab, commented: “Some of our clients have extremely complex needs and a product such as this will provide them with an increased level of independence, even those with the most restricted level of movement.” Featuring a built-in tremor filter to compensate for involuntary movements, the headset has a 20-hour battery life and can also be used to control computers and tablets.

The Gyro Glory headset is compatible with all powered wheelchairs available from Precision Rehab says the company. For more information Contact Us

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